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Product Code: 10266

1.5 kg
ABI – International
DR Solid Brass
We use DR solid brass, that has exceptional resistance to dezincification/ corrosion.
*Due to the different construction in some of our ranges (DR Solid Brass or 304 Stainless Steel) even though they are the same colour, there may be variations.
ABI’s Heat Shield – Industrial Grade PVD Electro Colouring System (PVD) – Physical Vapour Deposition
Individual Backplates 62mm – Mixer and 50mm – Diverter
3 star
This mixer is suited to mains pressure. If you are on an unequal pressure system, please select yes when prompted to add the unequal pressure component to your cart. Please consult your plumber if you are unsure of your water pressure.
25 years structural warranty
10 years cartridge warranty
5 years finish/coating warranty
Brushed Brass

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